Step by Step Guide for Beginner Actors

Acting for film on camera is different than acting for theatre. In film acting, camera is your friend. However; camera captures everything, you can fool the camera. You cannot fake an emotion and get away with it in front of the camera. Therefore, I recommend to beginner actors to stars small and build on your performance. We all want to work on a piece of text form a recent or old movie that we’ve seen that the character’s performance touched our heart. Sure by all means go head and experiment but don’t get frustrated if you notice you can’t do it justice at first.

Start with small piece of text and work on all the minutia’s and then build on them. Work on different roles that push the story forward.
Start with “one-liners.” One-liners can’t be overlooked. One-liners can turn into a re-occurring role sometimes if it is done right. What is a one-liner? Its name is on it. When you get an audition and you have only one line. Your line might be something like” Can you pass me the ketchup please?” or “The spaceship is now shown on the radar! Sir”

I used to really struggle with one liner auditions. I didn’t know where to start. It was over before I started. It used to baffle me that my agent sent me one-liners. It felt like a waste of time to go to casting session and wait to deliver “One line”. But there is more to “one liners” that meet the eye.

You can build a whole story around one liner. They are great because you don’t have to worry about memorizing a large text and that gives you more time to concentrate on that one line.

Once I figured out how to work on “one liner” then it was fun to do. I’ve provided couple of example of “one liners” for you to practice and a video example.


What do you mean the spaceship is on the move?
I mean, someone is stealing it, ma’am.

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