One of the commercial audition that I was called in for was called “Project Soup” and other than the date, time and location that was all it provided.

In the room, there was a bowl and spoon on the table and the casting director asked to use the prob to eat soup making number of expressions of satisfaction, enjoyment, fulfillment, gratification, contentment, looking pleased while doing it.  During the day we may experience all or some of these feelings but it is not always easy to show that on camera once you are given the clue.  The product may vary, it did’t matter if it was a soup, ice cream or yogurt commercial, they key is to be able to show different range of emotions and feelings on camera. Sometimes casting directors may ask you to exaggerate an emotion or just be subtle about it.

Practice thinking about each one of these. What is fulfillment to you? when was the last time you felt fulfilled? How can you show that your fulfilled without over doing it or may exaggerate it. How about enjoyment? and so forth.

Note: It is a great idea to explore these thoughts before going to any commercial auditions. Think about something nice and makes you really happy and think about how that make you feel.

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